Beauty and Happiness

Posted 8/18/2019

Good craftsmanship, yes , that’s what I value most in objects that I cherish. For that’s what breathes life into a product. A beautifully crafted object speaks for itself. It becomes a conversation starter. That’s what makes it magical. And when that happens what you get is pure #happiness
So,  every morning I make sure i start my day in a happy frame of mind and that happiness just seeps in to what I m making. It’s all about striving to get that perfectly crafted object. A beautiful object.
Truly, it’s extremely addicting and a little obsessive. But I just want to see something beautiful that will bring happiness and contentment when I use it!
Stendhal, a 19th century French writer once said - “Beauty is the promise of happiness “
And my love for French literature and sheer vanity is nudging me to say that in French-
“La beauté n’est que la promesse du bonheur “