My journey with pottery

Posted 8/19/2019

Since its launch in December 2016, LivingClay has been a reflection of my passion for the ceramic craft and my desire to create memorable moments with friends and family around the table. I firmly believe that beauty has the power to change moods and start conversations and bring joy and happiness. A beautiful dinner set that I have and which once belonged to my grandmother sparks joy even today. It still brings back memories of happy times shared with the family. And these stories are always passed down to the next generation. How beautiful can this sort of an experience be! 

So there started my curation and LivingClay was born. I have always wanted to curate tableware that would liven up a conversation, set the mood for a memorable meal, be proudly used and handed down all embellished with culinary stories and stories of those intangible moments that linger on in our memory!

It was this year that I came across this wonderful course in pottery offered by Slow pottery in Bangalore. I couldn't resist taking the plunge and joining and today I understand these beautifully crafted ceramic objects ven better. I love the feel of clay and potter's wheel. Wedging and throwing, trimming and creating these pieces of functional pottery have become part of my everyday!

Working with clayhas taught me that time, patience and passion are the invaluable ingredients to create beauty and happiness!

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Beauty and Happiness

Posted 8/18/2019

Good craftsmanship, yes , that’s what I value most in objects that I cherish. For that’s what breathes life into a product. A beautifully crafted object speaks for itself. It becomes a conversation starter. That’s what makes it magical. And when that happens what you get is pure #happiness
So,  every morning I make sure i start my day in a happy frame of mind and that happiness just seeps in to what I m making. It’s all about striving to get that perfectly crafted object. A beautiful object.
Truly, it’s extremely addicting and a little obsessive. But I just want to see something beautiful that will bring happiness and contentment when I use it!
Stendhal, a 19th century French writer once said - “Beauty is the promise of happiness “
And my love for French literature and sheer vanity is nudging me to say that in French-
“La beauté n’est que la promesse du bonheur “

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The Willow Pattern

LivingClay turns two

Posted 12/12/2018

An exciting tablescape workshop with a Christmas theme for all oour friends. Tinsels, pine cones and flowers set the mood for festivities!

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LivingClay turns one!

Posted 12/16/2017


Thank you all you lovely folks for the support and encouragement you have given LivingClay. Thank you for being there and believing in us!

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