LivingClay is driven by a passion for the ceramic craft and a belief that beautiful objects can be a source of immense happiness. We do love objects that tell stories - stories of their origin, material, culture and design. Such stories infuse a deep meaning and value into objects. And then we use them making them a part of our fleeting everyday moments. We let time slow down and focus on the moment. Gradually over time, they get beautifully wrapped up in more stories of use and we develop a deeper bond with them.

Moments like these bring us closer and help build strong relationships. And we celebrate these moments and dream of bringing happiness with thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted ceramic tableware.

Health and wellness are also of concern to us, so we ensure that our products are highfired and leadsafe.


LivingClay is a small enterprise supported by a team of friends who believe in our vision. Friends who have willingly helped us grow little by little with genuine advice, support and a whole lot of encouragement. There are those who have spared valuable time for photographing our products and capturing our events, given inputs around design and curation, and are always helping us reach out to more of you.

And the most important of all are our customers who value the beauty of well crafted objects that infuse meaning and happpiness in moments that dot our everyday. They love sharing their experiences with others and love to make ordinary moments special. We love them for believing in us and enjoying the LivingClay experience. 



We ensure that our products are leadsafe and foodsafe. They are all highfired at around 1300 C. They are all microwave and dishwasher safe, easy to store and use.